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Dog Training - Improve the relationship to your dog

A dog can be a close friend and a dear member of the family. You can improve the quality of this relationship by training your dog and digging deeper into how to interact with him. Dog obedience training is not only about training the dog to do what you want, but more about that you and the dog through the training are respecting each other and learning to fit into a certain position in the family. Dog obedience training can certainly also prevent him from growing into bad habits.

Here you will find articles about almost every subject of dog training. This dog training guide will deal with specific dog training problems like dog aggression, dog separation anxiety, barking dogs, dogs destructive chewing, puppy house training, crate training, biting dogs, dog obedience training and much more.

End Your Dogs Behavior Problems - Training Tips

Most dogs will potential develop behavioral problems if their owners are not prepared to take care of the dogs training. A lot of behavioral problems like barking, chewing, territorial aggression and digging are simply natural dog behaviors that has come out of control. As a dog owner you has to be aware of these different behavioral problems, so you can take action when natural dog behaviors are developing in an unacceptable direction.

Dog Behavior Problems - Barking

It is natural dog behavior to use barking as a way of communication. But if the normal barking behavior is growing into a never ending, out of control whining and barking scenario, then you have a real behavior problem. Before you can solve the behavior problem, you will have to find a reason why your dog is expressing himself in an excessive manner. The most common reasons for barking is:

- Attention seeking

- Boredom

- Anxiety

- Other dogs around

- Warning

- Excitement

A lot of barking behavior problems can be solved with proper obedience training. Read more in the article Dog Obedience Training

If your dog barks because he is alone, it can be he is bored or he might be suffering from separation anxiety. Read more about this behavior problem in the article Dog Separation Anxiety

Another reason for excessive barking can be a surplus of physical energy. You will need to exercise him more and / or bring in some meaningful training like obedience training or even dog agility training. Read more about Dog Agility Training

Dog Behavior Problems - Chewing

Chewing is a natural behavior for all dogs. A perfectly healthy dog will have a need for chewing on things. The real problem is what the dog should be chewing and how to learn the dog the difference between good and bad behavior when it comes to chewing.


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